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SECOMETAL has a specific activity in the Maintenance of canals and inland waterways sector as well as in Hydro-Electricity.

In addition to its reputation in the Metallurgical sector, SECOMETAL has a specific activity in the Maintenance of canals and waterways sector as well as Hydro-Electricity , which constitutes a significant contribution to the activities of INDUSTEAM Group in the field of Energy Transition investments.

In order to carry out the missions entrusted to it in terms of competence, quality of service and responsiveness, SECOMETAL operates with its own resources: engineers, project managers and business managers, technicians of design office and maintenance technicians, a highly qualified control and an experienced staff in mechanics, boilermaking, mechanical welding, carpentry, locksmith, piping, machining, electricity and lifting... The workforce of about 80 people is spread over different sites in France.

SECOMETAL's jobs are:

  • mechanics
  • mechanical welding
  • boilermaking
  • the frame
  • piping

SECOMETAL specializes in welding of thick stainless steel .

In addition, SECOMETAL carries out repairs and overhauls of mechanical equipment and metal structures either on site or in its workshops.

SECOMETAL's commitment is total in compliance with safety rules, in the quality of the services provided and in the concern for environmental protection. SECOMETAL has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and MASE / UIC since 2006.

In addition to its industrial maintenance activities, SECOMETAL has recognized know-how and numerous references in the renovation and repair of hydromechanical structures such as valves, valves and lock gates (metal structures, fixed and mobile parts , Mechanics and actuators, Sealing, Anti-corrosion treatment).

Finally, SECOMETAL also carries out transfers and dismantling of industrial units, and has its own design offices in order to support customers in all phases of a project from its design to its completion.