Legal notice and terms of service.

(according to the current French law)

1/ Purpose

The aim of this legal notice and these terms of service is to define the conditions for using the website.

2/ Definitions

Website: means the website and its subdomains.

User: means any person using the website.

Owner: means the person owning the rights relating to the website. This includes the design and graphical elements of the website, as well as all its content (except for special cases for which the property or usage rights are specifically indicated).

Content: means all the information and media sent to the user's browser via the website.

3/ Presentation of the website - Legal notice & legal information

Publication manager:
Immeuble Blackstone 202, ZI Scheleck II
L-3225 Bettembourg - LUXEMBOURG

Website design:
com Vous voudrez SARL
169 route de Verdun - 57180 Terville

Website hosting provider:
HR NET / HR NET Communication
Parc de l'Ohmbach, 20 rue des Anémones - 68250 Westhalten

Iconographic and photo credits: INDUSTEAM SA

4/ Access to the website

The website is freely accessible to web users.

The website has been designed to provide users with the best possible navigation experience, irrespective of their device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc.).

However, the website owner makes no warranty that the website will be fully accessible depending on the way in which the user accesses the website, and certain features or parts of the website may be affected.

Since some of the website's features are based on the use of JavaScript©, users are advised to authorise its execution in their browser in order to make full use of the content.

The owner reserves the right to amend the website or the terms of service and suspend the website at any time.

5/ Intellectual property

INDUSTEAM SA owns the intellectual property rights and holds all the usage rights to all the elements available on the website (except for special cases for which the property rights are specifically indicated). This applies to text, images, graphics, logos, icons and sounds.

Excerpt from France's Intellectual Property Code:

"Section L111-1
As amended by Act no. 2006-961 of 1 August 2006 - Section 31 of the Official Journal of the French Republic of 3 August 2006 The author of an intellectual work is granted an exclusive and enforceable intangible property right thereto simply on account of creating the said work."

The owner agrees to remove from the website any content to which a third party owns part of the usage rights, provided that there is evidence that the presence of the content in question on the website is actually harming the third party.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication or adaptation of all or part of the website elements by any means or process whatsoever is forbidden without prior written authorisation from the owner.

Any unauthorised use of the website or any one of the elements contained will be deemed to constitute an infringement and will be subject to prosecution in pursuance of the specific provisions of France's Intellectual Property Code.

Legal provisions:

The different elements of the website (form, layout, structure, images, illustrations, etc.) are protected by design rights, copyright, trademark rights and publicity rights.

Any person failing to comply with applicable legal provisions may be held guilty of infringement and prosecuted accordingly.

6/ Personal data

The website will in no way collect or disseminate personal data for the purpose of commercial, professional, political or community activities. Consequently and in accordance with the latest regulations, the website is exempt from the requirement to be registered with France's data protection authority.

The website collects statistical data for the purpose of improving the browsing experience by analysing the number of visitors to the different pages and links. These datas are anonymised and do not contain any personal details.


What is a cookie and what is it used for? A cookie is a text file that is likely to be stored (subject to your choices) in a specific area of your device's hard drive (computer, tablet, etc.) when you view an online service with your browser. Cookies are sent by the website's server to your browser. An anonymous identifier is assigned to each cookie. The cookie file enables the sender to identify the device on which it has been stored until the cookie expires or is deleted. A cookie cannot be used to identify a natural person.

When you browse the website, we may be required to install various cookies depending on your choices.

These cookies are used to improve the performance and browsing experience on the website, such as by authorising the website to memorise the pages that users have visited, so that they can be stored in memory and loaded more quickly in the browser when users visit them the next time.

Google Analytics statistical cookies

These cookies are used to generate statistics on the level of traffic to the website and detect any browsing issues in order to monitor and improve the quality of the website. These data are anonymous and cannot be used to identify users.

Social network sharing cookies

Some of the pages on the website contain third-party social network buttons or modules for using the features of those social networks and especially sharing content on the website with other people. When you visit a webpage containing one of those buttons or modules, your browser may send information to the social network which may then link the viewed page to your profile. Social network cookies are beyond our control and may therefore be stored in your browser by those sites. We would advise you to refer to the confidentiality policies specific to each social networking site to determine the purposes for which they might use the browsing information collected via such buttons and modules.

Data processin:

Personal data collected via the form are intended for INDUSTEAM SA.

Under no circumstances will they be disclosed to third parties.

Such information is treated as strictly confidential throughout the sales relationship.

In pursuance of France's Data Protection Act 1978, you have the right to access, amend, rectify and delete your personal data.

To exercise your rights, use the contact form or write to:

Immeuble Blackstone 202, ZI Scheleck II
L-3225 Bettembourg - LUXEMBOURG
+352 26 38 39 33

7/ Limitation of liability

We hereby notify you that:

- The secrecy of any correspondence sent over the Internet cannot be guaranteed.

- This website may contain links to other carefully selected websites. However, Industeam SA makes no warranties with respect to the permanent quality of the content on those websites.

INDUSTEAM SA, its teams and communication consultancy "com Vous voudrez" are bound only by an obligation to use their best efforts with respect to the information that they provide to people visiting the website.

Every effort has been made to ensure the reliability of the information contained on this website. However, INDUSTEAM SA, its teams and communication consultancy "com Vous voudrez" shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions, or for the results that might be obtained from using such information.

INDUSTEAM SA, its teams and communication consultancy "com Vous voudrez" shall not be held liable for any misinterpreted content, insofar as such interpretation is subjective to each user.

INDUSTEAM SA, its teams and communication consultancy "com Vous voudrez" shall not be held liable for any harmful or illicit content published on the website by a third party (such as by a hacker).

INDUSTEAM SA, its teams and communication consultancy "com Vous voudrez" shall not be held liable for any direct or consequential damage to the user's equipment when accessing the website and arising either from the use of incompatible or defective hardware or from the appearance of a bug or incompatibility in the user's system.

Users accept their own liability when using the website.